Thursday, January 25th
9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
United Water Conservation District Board Room
106 N. 8th Street, Santa Paula


1. Welcome

2. Self-Introductions – Everyone                                    

3. Flood Risk and Preparation – Director Glenn Shephard, Ventura County Watershed Protection District

4. Invasive Species and Fire Recovery – Dr. Sabrina Drill, UC Cooperative Extension

5. Wildfires Group Discussion – Everyone

6. Ventura Water Update on Santa Clara River Estuary Phase III Study and Water Supply Projects – Lauren Armistead, City of Ventura

7. Santa Clara River GSAs Updates & Announcements (New Standing Item)

  • Countdown to Sustainability SGMA Forum Resources – Nancy Broschart, Farm Bureau Ventura County

8. Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County Updates – Lynn Rodriguez 

  • Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program: where we are now and next steps

9. Watershed Coordinator Updates – Lara Meeker

  • Greatest Needs/IRWMP Plan Update: Identifying our greatest water needs is a central element in the IRWM Plan update and will be critical in developing, reviewing, and recommending projects for implementation funding. I will share a summary from our July discussion and comments received to confirm the summary is complete and identify any needs that rise to the top.
  • Announcing new Recreation/Education/Outreach Subgroup: First meeting February 5th
  • Agenda items and speakers for 2018

10. Committee Updates and Announcements – Everyone

11. Adjourn – Next Watershed Committee Meeting: Thursday, February 22nd 9am-Noon

Download this file (Coordinator Update 012518_SCRW Greatest Needs Summary.pdf)Coordinator Update 1.25.18[Presentation: Watershed Greatest Needs for 2018 IRWM Plan Update]862 kB
Download this file (Dr. Sabrina Drill SAFE Landscapes SCWC 2018.pdf)Invasive Species and Fire Recovery[Presentation: Dr. Sabrina Drill, UC Cooperative Extension, Fire-SAFE Landscapes]2637 kB
Download this file (Santa Clara River Watershed Committee - Agenda Jan 2018.pdf)1/25/2018 Santa Clara River Watershed Committee[Agenda]52 kB
Download this file (Ventura Water Project SCRWatershed Update 012818.pdf)Ventura Water Update[Presentation: Estuary Phase III Study and Water Supply Projects]2613 kB
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