Thursday, August 27, 2020
9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.


A recording of this meeting can be watched here:

1. Welcome and Self Introductions

2.  Committee Updates and Announcements – Everyone 

3. Steering Committee Update on WCVC Activities – E.J. Remson, Steering Committee

4. Santa Clara River GSAs Updates and Announcements 

- DOC SGMA Watershed Coordinator Program Grant & letter of support (Action Item)

4. Public Access at The Nature Conservancy’s Hanson Nature Preserve – Kat Selm, Stewardship Associate, The Nature Conservancy

5. Santa Clara River Conservancy General Update – Shawn Kelly, Program Director Santa Clara River Conservancy

6. Prop 1 Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program (DACIP) Update – Lynn Rodriguez and Lara Meeker

7. Watershed Coordinator Updates – Lara Meeker, Watershed Coordinator

- Watershed Coordinator 2020-2021 Work Plan & committee meeting topics

- Funding opportunities

8. WCVC Program Update – Lynn Rodriguez and Lara Meeker

- Prop 1 Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program (DACIP) needs assessment surveys

9. Adjourn – Next Watershed Committee meeting: October 22th, 2020, 9:00 am – 11:30 am

Download this file (2020_Work_Plan_for_SCR_Watershed_Coordinator_draft.doc)Watershed Coordinator 2020/2021 Draft Work Plan[Draft Work Plan]81 kB
Download this file (Coordinators update.pdf)Coordinators Update[IRWM funded projects, meeting schedule, grants]1228 kB
Download this file (Hanson Public Access Presentation for SCRWC 082720.pdf)Hanson Public Access Plan, Kat Selm, TNC[Presentation]17492 kB
Download this file (Santa Clara River Watershed Committee - August 2020 Agenda w times.pdf)August 27 Santa Clara River Watershed Committee Meeting Agenda[Meeting Agenda]511 kB
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