Friday April 17th
9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
United Water Conservation District Board Room
106 N. 8th Street, Santa Paula
2.Self-Introductions and Public Comments
3.IRWM Prop.84 “Final Round” of Implementation Grant Funding Project ReviewPowerPoint presentation (5 minutes) followed by a questions and answers (15 minutes) with the committee for each of the following projects:
3.1 Invasive Plant Removal, Ecosystem Restoration, and Habitat Protection– Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition
3.2 Water Softener Buyback Program – City of Santa Paula
3.3 Advanced Water Purification Facility Capacity Expansion – City of Oxnard
3.4 Convert Your Turf Incentive Program (Regional Project)– Ventura Water
4.Project Ranking and Recommendations
ACTION: Approve Ranked List of Projects for Submittal to the Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County Steering Committee
5.Updates and Announcements
6. Adjourn
 Next Meeting: Thursday May 28th 9am at United Water Conservation District 106 N. 8


 Street, Santa Paula CA 93060
Download this file (Advanced Water Purification Facility Capacity Expansion.pdf)3.3 Advanced Water Purification Facility Capacity Expansion[City of Oxnard ]567 kB
Download this file (Convert Your Turf Incentive Program.pdf)3.4 Convert Your Turf Incentive Program[Ventura Water]480 kB
Download this file (Invasive Plant Removal, Ecosystem Restoration, and Habitat Protection.pdf)3.1 Invasive Plant Removal Project[Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition]102 kB
Download this file (Santa Clara River Watershed Committee -Agenda April 2015.pdf)AGENDA Friday April 17, 2015 [Santa Clara River Watershed Committee]230 kB
Download this file (Water Softener Buyback Program.pdf)3.2 Water Softener Buyback Program [City of Santa Paula]114 kB
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