In February 2009 the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) adopted the Recycled Water Policy, which requires the development of salt and nutrient management plans (SNMPs) for groundwater basins in California. The purpose of the Recycled Water Policy is to increase the use of recycled water from municipal wastewater sources consistent with state and federal water quality laws. Since recycled water contains salts and nutrients that may cause or contribute to exceedances of water quality objectives, management of these constituents in recycled water projects is important. The below document is the Draft SNMP for the Lower Santa Clara River (LSCR) Watershed, located in Ventura County. The LSCR SNMP covers the Piru, Fillmore, Santa Paula, Mound and Oxnard Forebay sub-basins within the Lower Santa Clara River Groundwater Basin.

The LSCR SNMP has been developed as a comprehensive planning document that provides all of the key technical information necessary to meet the requirements of the Recycled Water Policy. The SNMP has also been developed as a flexible planning document that can guide the management and regulation of discharges of salts and nutrients in the context of the unique characteristics of the watershed and the status of recycled water project planning. While all of the participating wastewater agencies have plans to recycle water, the plans are currently general and specific locations and volumes have not yet been identified.


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